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Create comfort with a home expansion

Did you purchase, what you thought was the perfect home for you and your family? You may not have predicted how large your family would be, but now space is an issue. If you have grown attached to your home, then you won’t have to give it up. You can add the additional space that you need for your family to be comfortable again.


Whether you want to add one room or multiple rooms, let us know your vision and we will work hard to produce the comfort and space that your family has been longing for.


Get the basement you've

always wanted

If you have been wanting to create a functioning basement space, now would be a great time to get Buchmayer Plumbing & Home Repair to design a basement that you can use as a family room, exercise room, or whatever your needs call for.

Turn your unfinished basement into a livable space for you and your loved ones



Residential addition services

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   •    Basement

   •    Bathroom

   •    Bedrooms

Turn your bathroom into

a personal spa

Are you interested in updating your bathroom? You spend plenty of time in your bathroom, so why not create a personal spa room that you can turn to when you want to enjoy a relaxing bath.

Call today to get

your room addition

project started!

Redesigning a room a beautiful bathroom