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Get hot water when you need it and not later

Is your water heating unpredictable, going from lukewarm to cold without you adjusting the temperature? Your water heater should be doing what you need it to do. You can sustain a reliable hot water source in your home by having a quality water heater installed or repaired by Buchmayer Plumbing & Home Repairs. We will make sure you can depend on your water heater.


As a reputable member of the Better Business Bureau, you can trust that we will provide you the services that you need to obtain a reliable water heater source for your home.


Quick and professional installations

If you have been using other heating methods for your home and would like to convert to using a water heater, we can help you with the transition by providing a professional installation.

You are our number one priority and you'll be glad you chose us to handle your water heater needs.



Water heater services

   •   Water heather repairs

   •   Water heater installations

   •   Water heater removal

   •   Water heater part replacement

Keep your hands clean and dry

You won’t have to worry about the thought of installing a new water heater on your own. Sit back and let us handle your installation, you will enjoy the benefits that a water heater has to offer you.

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your water heater

working properly

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